Friday, June 26, 2009

Wellington Botanical Garden & Zealandia

Today Chrisanne and I made a trip back to Wellington's Botanical Garden to take photos during the day. I made a separate Facebook album from my Wellington album that's specifically for the garden and a place we went today: Zealandria, the Karori Sanctuary Experience. At the tail end of the album there's also a few photos of Wellington at night taken across Oriental Bay. We didn't have a tripod, so I put my camera on a bench and attempted a long exposure which ended up coming out pretty good. Anyways, here's the link to the Wellington Botanical Garden / Zealandria album:

Jane and friends - I took plenty of photos of just plants in the Botanical Garden for you to check out, do your best to identify them! People who aren't as interested in the zillions of different plants and flowers in the garden, still take a look at the album because I still took a bunch of scenic shots, especially in the Zealandia sanctuary.

After exploring Zealandria we drove around looking for buildings that Lord of the Rings people worked in and made props and stuff in. We drove by one, Wetaworks, which was cool. Then we drove around that coastline of Oriental Bay.

Tomorrow we depart for Christchurch. We're going to an All Blacks rugby game, which is going to be awesome! The All Blacks is New Zealand's team and they are apparently playing Italia tomorrow. I'll be sure to take plenty of photos! I'm not sure how long we'll stay in Christchurch.

We'll be staying at hotels from here-on-out, so I'll do my best to pay the few bucks for internet so I can keep updating the blog as we go. Thanks again for reading!

PS: I added a few more photos to the Wellington album so check it out. Here's the link again:

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  1. so, this now me. laura. i'm no longer the hippo one. i don't really know how to get rid of that. i think i even created that with my job's catering e-mail address. oops!