Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Photo update

Hello everybody. I've decided to include a link to my Facebook photo album rather than try to post photos in these blog posts. I've tried wrestling with this blog again and again to post photos and it never works, so here's the link to my Wellington album:

I'll be adding photos as I continue to take them, so keep an eye on that. Jane, I know that you said you'd like to see some photos from the Botanical Garden. We did venture there last night (the people we're staying with live at the bottom of the cable car line that goes up to it), but it was too dark to take photos of flowers and plants. It was tough to take photos in the dark, so we plan on making a day trip to the garden again to get some better photos in the daylight.

We plan on going out tonight to drive around and explore, so after we get back from that I'll post again about our day.


  1. yes, please do make it back to the gardens!! remember to use your macro setting... (this is me living vicariously through you).

  2. p.s., how do i comment with just my name?

  3. Idk Laura, I'm new to this whole blog posting ordeal, so your question's lost on me. Sorry!