Saturday, July 4, 2009

Photo Update

So unfortunately I wont be able to upload photos from our Lord of the Rings trip, but check out Chrisanne's photos for that. I can't upload mine because I deleted them off my memory card (don't worry, they're on my computer) and I'm on a computer at an internet cafe kinda thing right now. So, I can only upload photos I have on my SD card, which are only photos from the Milford Sound trip.

Here's the link to those photos:

The photos aren't the best photos because I couldn't edit them on my computer before putting them up online. I just wanted to upload them anyways to give you an idea of our travels and the amazing views and scenery. The end of the Milford Sound album also has a few photos of Queenstown, which is where we've been staying the past day or so.

Today it was decided that we would spend the rest of our time in Queenstown rather than try to fly to Rotorua or Taupo to do things there. So we'll spend an extra day or so in Queenstown and the Chrisanne will take a flight back to Wellington to begin the journey home.

I shall update tomorrow night to let you know about all the fun stuff we did tomorrow.

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